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Hexagonal Gabion Box Surface Treatment

01. 12, 2019

The surface of the Hexagonal Gabion Box is galvanized, sprayed, dipped and so on.

Spray plastic products are mostly used indoors, and dip-plastic products are mostly used outdoors, and dip-coating is more expensive than spray molding. The material has the property of softening under heat and solidifying into a film after cooling, and is mainly a physical melt plasticizing film forming process.

Most of the dip-molding process uses thermoplastic plastic powder, mainly used for: highway fence network, Wire Mesh Series, railway fence network, airport fence network, garden fence network, community fence network, villa fence network, civil residential protection net, hardware craft rack, Column cages, sports fitness equipment, etc.

The dip-molding product is based on steel, and the weather-resistant polymer resin is the outer layer (thickness 0.5-1.0mm). It has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, insulation, aging resistance, good hand feeling, environmental protection and long life. It is a new generation of traditional paint, galvanizing and other coatings, and has a wide range of uses.

Hexagonal Gabion Box

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