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Why Should Zinc Canada Temporary Fence Be Cleaned Before Preserved?

01. 18, 2019

When it comes to zinc Canada Temporary Fence, everyone's first impression will definitely think of European churches/luxury aristocratic manors, etc. Nowadays, in China, zinc steel guardrails are everywhere, and the popularity of zinc steel guardrails is not only because of its unique appearance. Good shape, more attention is his practicality! The height design of the zinc steel fence is in line with the height of the human body, and it is manufactured without guaranteeing a safety threat and destroying the surrounding ecological environment!

The zinc steel guardrail is exquisite in shape and plasticity, and is trusted by consumers. The decorative effect of the high-grade zinc Galvanized Panel Fencing surface is colorful, mostly hand-painted with imported paint, which is simple, elegant, fashionable and trendy. The most classic surface decoration effects are bronze, red bronze, bronze gold, black gold, copper and gold, and white gold.

In order to ensure a good adhesion between the decorative coating (plating) layer and the surface of the zinc steel guardrail product, the scale, slag, rust, grease, dirt and moisture of the surface of the wrought iron product must be applied before the coating (plating) is carried out. Perform as much as possible to remove, otherwise it will cause foaming, cracking, delamination and peeling of the coating (plating) layer. The so-called pre-treatment refers to the use of mechanical or chemical, electrochemical and other processes to eliminate surface defects before coating (plating) of wrought iron products.

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