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How Does The Canada Temporary Fence Made?

01. 10, 2019

The Canada Temporary Fence is also called the fence net. It is made of high quality low carbon steel wire and galvanized iron wire and welded.

Fence mesh features

1, surface treatment: spray, galvanizing, dip.

2, material: using wire or galvanized iron wire welding.

3, fence mesh production process in Canada Temporary Fence Supplier: using wire rod drawing, pre-straight, cutting, automatic CNC welding machine automatic welding forming, fixed frame cutting, welding & mdash; - iron pipe pillar cutting & mdash; - connecting accessories welding & mdash; flange base Welding & mdash; quality inspection & mdash; surface treatment (galvanizing, spray, dip) & mdash; secondary quality inspection & mdash; inspection qualified, permitting factory — loading and transportation & mdash; delivery to users.

The column adopts a circular iron pipe. The mesh frame adopts a small rectangular square tube as the material. The column and the frame are welded to the flat iron punching ear. The column and the frame are fixed by bolts on the connecting lug, and the bottom of the column is welded. The bottom plate and the bottom plate of the column are fixed to the ground by expansion bolts.

Both the round and the square of the column can be used, and the rectangular mesh of the mesh body is relatively large. The net body has various forms, the structure is simple, and the structure is both firm and beautiful, which not only functions as an isolation protection function but also plays a decorative role.

According to the different styles, it can be divided into: bilateral wire fence net, triangle bending fence net, municipal guardrail, isolation net, frame net fence, hook flower fence, steel mesh fence, etc.

Canada Temporary Fence

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