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Do you want to know the use of gabion box?

03. 10, 2018

The gabion box is made of the low-carbon steel wire with highly corrosion-resistant, high-strength and extensible.It has many uses,let's take a look together.

1.Control and lead rivers and floods

The most serious disaster is the flooding hit the bank and made it breakage, it will cause flood and a lot of loss of life and property and soil erosion. So we are dealing with the above issues, the application of gabion box becomes one of the best solutions, it can permanently protect riverbanks.

2. Channel Canal Bed

The construction of the channel involves the stability of slopes and riverbeds.Gabion box can effectively and permanently protect river banks or riverbeds, and it can control the flow of water and prevent water loss, especially in environmental protection and water quality maintenance, it has excellent efficacy.

Huaguang fence can supply welded gabion box and gexagonal gabion box with high quality, welcome to your inquire!

gabion box

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