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About the hesco barrier design requirements

03. 12, 2018

Hesco barrier design requirements:

1.Hesco barrier should be designed with fire-resistant materials that are not easily combustible. Hesco barrier should not be selected as load-bearing walls for houses.

2.Hesco barrier walls need to use reinforced brick walls. If there are important items in the next room, need to reinforced concrete wall. However, this hesco barrier can only be used as an explosion-proof measure.

3.As the metal hesco barrier is easy to install, with high practical effect, durable and high explosion-proof grade, it is favored by many industries and is also the first choice for fire department acceptance.

4.It is best not to open holes in the hesco barrier. If the water pipe or wire needs to pass through, the hole through it should not be too large. After the hesco barrier, the hole needs to be well closed.

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