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About Kindergarten wire mesh fence installation options

08. 07, 2018

Everyone knows that the most important thing in kindergarten work is safety. Therefore, the kindergarten must install wire mesh fence. It is forbidden for illegal people to enter kindergarten to protect children's safety. So what standards should the kindergarten wire mesh fence generally meet to ensure safety? Below I will give you a brief introduction to the following:

1.Kindergartens need to focus on the safety of children, so there are certain hard requirements for wire mesh fence. That is, it must be installed.

2.The wire mesh fence of the kindergarten must adopt a structure that prevents children from climbing. When using vertical bars as railings, the clearance of the members should not exceed 0.11m. Because children are particularly naughty, this standard must also be met.

3.The spacing of the kindergarten's wire mesh fence should be slightly smaller, so that the children in the small class can't drill the guardrail to prevent accidents.

4.For the beauty of the kindergarten guardrail, I add a little, that is, it is best to use multicolored paint, so colorful wire mesh fence can add a naive atmosphere to the kindergarten.

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