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Why do road wire mesh fences usually use green colors?

08. 02, 2018

Driving on the highway, usually both sides of the road often see a row of neat fences, they are the highest speed safety barrier. This durable wire fence mesh also features shunting, wind and sand fixation, and safety for traffic safety.At the same time, pay attention to the durability and anti-corrosion of the highway fence, often in the wholesale and custom, using the green dip net fence as the basic raw material. More important is direct protection. You may ask, why use this green dip fence mesh perimeter barrier protection, can't it be in any other color?

This is not the case, considering the durability of the entire Internet cafe structure, the green dip net bar protection, more durable, in the human visual way, green is better than other colors, people accept better ability, can eliminate fatigue dizziness. I believe this is one of the most important reasons why large-scale use of dip-protected fences.

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