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The 5 Best Uses for Wire Mesh Fencing

06. 23, 2021

Wire mesh fencing is one of the most basic types of fencing. It can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Wire mesh fencing has many uses, ranging from residential to industrial uses. Over the years, it has slowly replaced Chain Link Fencing because users find it more durable.

1. Security Fencing

One of the main uses of wire fencing is for security purposes. This type of fence is often used as a security fence or wall. It can be used for industrial, commercial or residential installations. Most homes use this type of fence to protect their area and to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance to their exterior fence. The metal mesh used for security fencing is available in different sizes of holes, from 5mm holes to 6mm holes. The type of wire mesh fence you need depends on your preferences and requirements. There are also types of wire mesh fencing that have very small openings to prevent toe or finger entrapment. It also prevents tools from cutting through the fence.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

2. Animal fences

Another common use for Wire Mesh Fencing is to enclose animals. Since this type of fence has different hole sizes, you can choose a fence with small or large holes to suit the type of animal you want to enclose. This type of fence is commonly used for chicken coops, rabbit enclosures, and horse enclosures, just to name a few. Since wire fencing does not have any sharp edges, it is also considered a safe fence for animals.

3. Garden fences

Wire fencing is also the best choice for garden fencing. It can be used to enclose the entire garden area or can be installed around certain areas of the garden. Garden fencing can add a certain color to your garden as it can also come in a variety of colors. This type of fencing is also used as an alternative to wire for climbing plants. They are more durable and can withstand the weight of these types of plants without the need for regular maintenance.

4. Curtains

This type of fence can also be used as an alternative to window screens. Just like security fencing, wire fencing offers a durable alternative to window screens. Wire mesh fencing is often used as an alternative to window screens on structures or buildings that require additional security. Barns, storage facilities and stock rooms outside of windows are often fitted with wire mesh fencing. It prevents outsiders from entering the facility through the windows.

5. Road and rail fencing

Wire mesh fencing is also commonly used in industrial applications. One of the main industrial uses of this fence is for highway and railroad fencing. Wire fencing is often used as a security fence for highways and railroads. It is used to prevent animals and people from trying to cross railroad tracks and highways. Railroad and highway wire fencing is also often used to prevent and reduce damage to the tracks.

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