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4 Uses of Mesh Fencing

06. 09, 2021

Fence mesh can be an integral part of your fence. The mesh can range from flexible chicken wire to sturdy welded wire mesh. Mesh fences are usually made of galvanized wire in various weights and can be powder coated at the factory.

Wire Mesh Fencing has many advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that the mesh is woven at the factory and sold in rolls. When installing the mesh, contractors usually unroll the mesh between the posts and then connect it with sturdy wire. As a result, installation is relatively easy, and therefore faster and more budget-friendly. Here are some ways to use fencing mesh.

1. Sports field fencing

Parks and recreation centers have special considerations for fencing. They need to ensure the safety of the sports field as well as the patrons. Even if you are not planning to do a commercial recreation center, but a community play space, you may want to consider mesh fencing.

Wire Mesh Fencing

Wire Mesh Fencing

Chain Link Fencing is a common choice for sports fields. It's durable and low maintenance. What's more, if an athlete hits the fence during a game, they won't get hurt. You can choose between plain galvanized steel and vinyl coated chain link fencing.

Welded wire mesh is sometimes found in sports field fencing. Welded wire mesh starts with heavier wire and sometimes adds a second layer of wire at specific intervals. As a result, welded wire mesh is stronger than chain link fencing, which makes it ideal for high-impact sports.

2. Chicken farms

Chickens are no longer the preserve of the farm. That being said, whether you plan to do commercial poultry or keep a few chickens in your backyard, you need a chicken pen. A chicken coop is an outdoor enclosure that allows chickens to do things like scratch the dirt and peck at the grass. A chicken coop usually consists of posts and rails with a net in the middle.

If your only concern is keeping your chickens in the coop, you can use chicken wire for the netting. However, if you need to keep predators away from your chickens, consider using hardware cloth, which is stronger and narrower. If you want a stronger structure, you can even switch to welded wire mesh. However, you generally don't need this heavy-duty product for chickens.

3. Animal Control

Sometimes, animal fences are not designed to keep your own animals safe. Sometimes, you need fencing to keep small animals off your property. This type of fencing can involve small aspects, such as keeping rabbits away from your tomato plants, or large aspects, such as keeping your neighbor's pets away from your pool.

For pool fencing, you'll want to research local guidelines on height. However, welded wire and tightly woven chain link fencing work well for pool fencing. That said, another big goal of pool fencing is to keep unsupervised small children out. To do this, the gaps in the net must be small enough to prevent hand and foot contact.

4. Attractive mixed media fencing

The use of mesh fencing does not have to be a strictly utilitarian endeavor. Fencing fences can also be attractive. The beauty of fencing mesh is usually revealed when you combine it with another material, especially wood.

In this project, you usually start with wood for the frame. To do this, the contractor installs the posts and secures the top and bottom rails to form the frame. Then they unfold the mesh and attach it to the posts and rails. Not only do you get the contrast of warm wood and industrial metal, but this installation also makes the fence stronger.

Chicken wire and hardware cloth are not ideal for this type of fencing. You often see chain link fences get such an upgrade. However, such a fence is ideal for welded wire fencing.

Take advantage of the special qualities of mesh fencing to add to your home improvement project. Contact a Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer for supplies and advice.

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