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Two Processes Of Top Roll Fence In Production

11. 17, 2018

(1) Stretching Top Roll Fence

The screen mesh frame has a wooden frame, a metal frame, a plastic frame, a combo frame, and the like. When the net is stretched, the net frame is first cleaned, and the stretch net can be manually, mechanically or pneumatically applied, and then bonded and trimmed after stretching. The stretcher requires the screen tension to be appropriate, uniform and stable, the wire direction is consistent, avoiding the diagonal pull, and the warp and weft are parallel.

(2) Plate making in Ultimate Security Fencing Supplier

1 direct method: screen cleaning → painting photosensitive glue → printing → development → revision. This method is time-consuming, the film thickness is adjustable, the combination is firm, and the printing is resistant, and the graphic is easy to be jagged. 2 indirect method: photosensitive film → printing plate → development → film film → uncovering base → revision. This method is complicated in operation, the lines are smooth, the film layer is not strong, the printing durability is low, and the film thickness is constant. 3 mixing method: screen cleaning → filming → printing → development → revision. This method is easy to operate, has a fixed thickness, and is smooth and firm.

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