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The Importance Of Anti Climb Fence China

11. 21, 2018

Anti Climb Fence China plays an important role in the development of the national economy and society. It is an important maintenance and safety guarantee facility for expressways.

Material: low carbon steel wire, spray plastic.

Weaving and characteristics: braided welding; the grid structure is concise, easy to transport, and installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations, especially for mountain, slope, and multi-bend areas. The product is rugged and medium-priced, suitable for large areas. Product Features of Highway Fence Net: The road fence mesh product from Ultimate Security Fencing Supplier is beautiful and durable, non-deformable and quick to install. It is an ideal metal fence product, which can be made into a permanent mesh wall or as a temporary isolation net. It can be achieved by different column fixing methods. With anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather resistance and other characteristics. For the anti-corrosion form, there may be a method of electroplating, hot-plating, spray-coating, or dip-coating. Use and scope of use: mainly used for park/zoo fence, campus/field enclosure, road traffic isolation, temporary isolation zone.

Anti Climb Fence China

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