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Advantage Of W Section Palisade Fence

11. 23, 2018

1. Easy to install, beautiful and generous, the combination method used greatly saves the raw materials of the frame, so that the price is the lowest, and the product is the best.

2. Reduced the disadvantages of on-site welding construction.

3, all the steel pipe, mesh surface, connecting parts, rain hat, etc. of the W Section Palisade Fence are treated with plastic wrap. There is no traditional wrap-around plastic wrap, and the steel pipe paints the crucible condition, so that the product is corroded and the service life is achieved. It has reached more than 15 years.

4. The combination of Wire Mesh Series greatly saves transportation space and reduces transportation costs.

It is a kind of on-site installation, in which the net column and the fence are constructed on site. The biggest feature of the product is the flexibility. It can adjust the structure, shape and size at any time according to the requirements of the site. It is ideally installed in different angles and different levels. s solution. It can be used together with the trackless automatic sliding door with beautiful appearance and unique design to form a harmonious and perfect whole. Special product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements!

W Section Palisade Fence

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