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What are the characteristics of gabion box?

04. 17, 2018

The principal characteristics of a gabion box arrangement might be mentioned as durability, flexibility and permeability.  With regard durability, within a time period once the mesh begins to corrode, silt and plant will unite with the stone filling, forming a durable structure that could remain intact even when the net has completely vanished.  Mention has been made of gabion's inherent quality of flexibility that enables it to accommodate itself to some in-situ soil profile.

What sets gabion box aside from dry stone walling is that, the wire mesh fence being exceptionally strong in pressure, the gabion structure could withstand a level of tension that's very impossible with dry stone walling.  In this regard it has to be emphasised that the cable mesh shell isn't only a framework to include the rocks; it functions as reinforcement for the whole construction.

Apart from everything else, gabion box are substantially less costly than their traditional alternatives regarding both labour and material.

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