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The advantage of gabion box eco-grid structure

04. 25, 2018

1. The flexible structure of gabion box can adapt to the changes of the slope without being damaged, and has better safety and stability than the rigid structure.

2. Strong anti-erosion ability, can withstand the maximum water flow speed up to 6m/s.

3. The structure of gabion box is essentially water-permeable, and has a strong tolerance to the natural action and filtration of groundwater. The suspended matter and sludge in the water can be precipitated in the stone-filling joints, which is beneficial to the growth of natural plants and gradually restores the original.

The gabion box bag is made from a single layer of mesh. Its mesh, mesh, galvanized and PVC coating properties are the same as cages. This product can be a variety of different shapes and sizes of stone into the alloy mesh pocket to form a flexible whole, can be lifted, car, shipping to reach the designated place, the alloy mesh pockets are connected to each other into a larger whole, construction toss It is convenient, fast, efficient, and economical.

We can manufacture wire mesh series products with high quality such as temporary fence, palisade fence, etc. And we have established business relationships with customers in our domestic market also export to Hong Kong, Europe, the USA, Southeast Asia, Middle-east and Africa with our good quality products, timely delivery, reasonable pricing and excellent services.

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