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Huaguang anti climb fence factory

04. 27, 2018

The anti-climbing fence is one of the more common types in the new-type assembly fence, and it is divided into two-way anti-climb elbow and one-way anti-climb elbow. The top bend tip design creates an anti-climbing effect. It is an ideal choice for factories and community walls.

Huaguang anti-climbing fence guardrail adopts assembled design, which is quick and easy to install. Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment. It solves the problems of corrosion, powdering, fading, and cracking of traditional products within a short time, and greatly reduces the cost of product maintenance and updating. Materials using zinc alloys are environmentally friendly and do not pollute the environment, which solves the problem of contaminating buildings with common products. The surface of electrostatic spraying makes the wall guardrail products have good self-cleaning properties. Rainwater flushing and water jet cleaning can be as clean as new.

Huaguang wire mesh fence strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system standards for quality control, and use high-quality zinc-coated steel as the substrate, the use of advanced surface treatment technology, production of self-cleaning, high-strength, maintenance-free, pollution-free, easy installation, environmental protection anti-climbing wall fence.

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