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The level of the quality of the gabion box

05. 26, 2018

The quality of gabion box of the same specifications is divided from low to high according to material: cold galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, high-zinc, high galvanized (zinc-aluminum alloy).

The amount of zinc on cold galvanized steel is generally 8-10g, and the anti-rust time is short.

The amount of zinc on hot-dip galvanizing is generally 30-50g, and the rust prevention time is slightly longer than cold galvanizing.

The amount of zinc on high zinc is more than 200g, which is a high quality raw material in gabion box.

Gaoerfan, also called zinc-aluminum alloy wire, is several times more resistant to rust and corrosion than ordinary galvanized wire. It is a gabion box.

The best quality raw materials, of course, is the highest price of gabion.

Huaguang Fence can supply wire mesh fence, gabion box, wire mesh series with high quality,welcome your inquire!

gabion box

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