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Do you want to know more about concertina wire?

06. 06, 2018

Concertina Wire, also referred to as Razor Wire or PTCC is manufactured using razor sharp steel blades. It's frightening to the competitive perimeter intruder, using the layout making touching and climbing exceptionally difficult, it's viciously successful as an anti-climb safety fence. Concertina Wire is very tough to beat or trample and can be nearly impossible to cut with no technical tools and even then it's a slow dangerous endeavor.

Concertina Wire as fabricated by Gravitas Industries may be kept in a compact state ready to be used. It's offered in a Galvanised complete in order to avoid the blades straightened and getting blunt. All these are manufactured from Galvanised Steel strip with four hook barbs, die cut each 25mm & chilly clenched round a high tensile spring steel core cable. The barbs are so close as to avoid any hand grip & designed to split into all kinds of clothes.

Do you want to know more about concertina wire?

HuaGuang FENCE professionally manufacture and supply wire mesh series, there are barbed wire, PVC coated wire, welded wire mesh, loop tie wire, galvanized iron wire, concertina wire, black annealed wire, etc. All have blue, green, yellow and other colors.

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