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The use of barbed wire

06. 08, 2018

Barbed wire is mainly divided into galvanized and plastic-impregnated. It is made from column and barbed wire. It is mainly used for highways, military administrative areas, closing mountains for forests, botanical gardens, regional boundaries, and visiting fences. The main advantages of its products are easy installation and quick construction.

Galvanized barbed wire in dike protection, cages can be useful to stop soil loss and prevent flooding of river banks, and the surface layer can provide the necessary conditions for animal development. Planners should consider the nature of the soil, slope, external loads, the strength of the flow of water, the size of the pieces, and so on when choosing a suitable slope protection plan.

The protection coefficient of galvanized and barbed wire protection project is 2 times that of the general riprap protection project. Even if the stones in the gabion net mat move, the distorted pad layout will mediate to reach a new one. Balanced, and the group will not be crushed, so that the soil with sheltered bank slopes will not be crushed.

Huaguang is an IS09001:20CX) certified manufacture, it has six production branches engaged in wire mesh fences, wire mesh partitions and gratings as well as various mesh panels.

Barbed Wire

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