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What is the type of wire mesh fence for the ecological park?

05. 17, 2018

The fence used in the ecological park is mainly to prevent outsiders from entering, guarding against theft, and acting like a fence. The ecological garden is the most economical option when it comes to wire mesh fences! 

Suggested styles are as follows:peach post fence, double wire fence, double circle fence, etc.

Product Features:

1. Economical and practical, beautiful appearance, less wind resistance;

2. Zinc-plated plastic double coating can prolong service life and reduce maintenance costs;

Wire mesh fence is not easy to damage, the contact surface is small, easy to dust, can be maintained for a long time;

4. High strength, good steel, corrosion resistance, anti-exposure, strong UV resistance, beautiful appearance, wide vision;

5. Easy to install, good quality and low price, strong elasticity, especially suitable for growing and breeding;

6. Ten years of rust-proof and easy disassembly, reusability, and recycling.

Double Wire Fence

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