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About wire mesh fence common quality problems

05. 12, 2018

The wire mesh fence is mainly made of low carbon steel wire welded mesh net fence, our commonly used double wire fence, euro fence, peach post fence, fence net, decorative fence, etc. collectively referred to as wire mesh fence. Mainly used for road and rail protection, isolation of municipal districts, workshop warehouse isolation net, airport parking lot maintenance and so on.

The use of wire mesh fence in people's lives is so extensive that it can also cause people to pay attention to quality problems. The following problems are commonly associated with wire mesh fence:

1. The concrete structure appears partially scattered without strength

2. Many bubbles on the surface

3. The verticality of protection net is not good

4. Edge straightness is not good

Among them, the most difficult to solve is the difficulty of overcoming the most bubbles and the unsmooth appearance of the lines. However, we believe that using only the best materials and the right construction methods are the solutions to the problem.

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