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How to set palisade fence?

05. 19, 2018

Palisade fencing has an extremely simple construction, comprising little more than just a couple of articles, horizontal railings and numerous metal or wooden slats called pales.

But how to set palisade fence correctly?

Step 1

Eliminate your fence posts from their packaging.

Step 2

Use your tape measure to find out the precise areas of your posts, dependent on the duration of flat rail you wish to put between them.

Step 3

Lay down each post in the place in which you would like to put in it.

Step 4

Use your spade or post-hole digger to dig out a pit to the weapon post. Base the dimensions and thickness of this hole on the setup manual supplied by the fencing maker.

Step 5

Mix your concrete on your wheel barrow. Follow the manufacturer's directions about the perfect ratio of concrete mixture to water.

Step 6

Put a layer of gravel 2 to 4 inches thick in the base of each pit. Gravel aids the region around the cement drain, and gives a foundation for this. Utilize your fence pole or a 2-by-4 to package the dirt into a compact, horizontal layer.

Step 7

Put the fence posts in their pockets. Use a bucket to move concrete mix from the wheelbarrow into the article websites. Pour concrete into the holes round the poles until it reaches floor level.

Step 8

Stake the posts with wooden stakes and cable or rope if needed to keep them from record while the cement dries. Permit the cement to dry for at least a day prior to installing the remaining portion of the fence.

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