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Tips for Maintaining Wooden Fencing

03. 19, 2021

You’ve found the perfect wood fence for your home; now, it’s time to learn how to keep it in tip-top shape. Maintaining wood fencing is different from vinyl fencing or a chain link fence — but it isn’t difficult. Simply follow these tips from the Palisade Fence Manufacturer, and you’ll be enjoying your wooden fence for years to come.

Wood Fence

Wood Fence


The first step in maintaining your wooden fence is to keep problems from occurring in the first place.

Never water a Wood Fence, wood fence gate, or wood deck railing — this could discolor the wood and increase the likelihood of rotting. Be sure that you always aim sprinklers away from your fence.Regularly trim bushes and ensure vines are kept away from your fence. Foliage on your fence will attract insects and moisture, and the extra weight adds stress to the fence panels.


Annual cleaning will keep your fence looking fresh and free of mildew.

Use soap and water or a specially formulated fence cleaner to soak the wood fence panels.Either pressure wash your fence or give it a good scrub with a long-handled brush.Clean the area around your fence, where it meets the ground.


In addition to giving your Anti Climb Fence an annual bath, complete the following steps at least once per year:

Check for loose nails. Hammer them back in, or replace them.Replace rotted or broken pickets, if possible.Check for insect damage, this could be a sign of an infestation in your home as well.Ensure posts are still securely in the ground. They may have been secure during your fence installation, but posts can shift over time.

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