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Folding Process Of Top Roll Fence

10. 19, 2018

The dip-coating process of the Top Roll Fence is completed in two stages: the first stage is the fixed bed stage, the second stage is the air flow delivery stage, the flow rate continues to increase on the basis of the fixed bed, the bed begins to expand and loose, and the bed height At the beginning of the increase, each of the powder particles is floated, and thus moves away from the original position to a certain extent, and then enters the fluidized bed stage.

Section bc illustrates the expansion of the powder layer in the fluidized bed, the height of which increases with the increase of gas velocity, but the pressure inside the bed does not increase, and the flow rate is varied within a certain range without affecting the unit power required by the fluid. The characteristics of the fluidized bed are precisely the use of this feature to carry out the coating process. The uniformity of the fluidized state of the powder in the fluidized bed is the key to ensuring the uniformity of the coating film. The longer the dip time of Expanded Metal Fence China, the thicker the coating. Coating thickness up to 0.8-1.0mm

Top Roll Fence

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