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Production Advantages Of Hexagonal Gabion Box Structure

10. 17, 2018

1. The Hexagonal Gabion Box adopts a flexible structure to adapt to the change of the slope without being damaged, and has better safety and stability than the rigid structure;

2, strong anti-scour ability, can withstand the maximum water flow speed of up to 6m / s;

3. The structure of the Gebin network is water-permeable in nature, and it has strong inclusiveness to the natural action and filtration of groundwater. The suspended objects and sludge in the water can be deposited in the stone-filling joint, which is beneficial to natural plants. Growing and gradually recovering the original ecological environment.

The Hexagonal Wire Mesh is a mesh format made of wire or polymer wire that holds the stone in place. The wire cage is a mesh woven from iron wire or a welded structure. These two structures can be electroplated and the braided wire box can be additionally coated with PVC. It is made of anti-weathering hard rock as a filler, which will not be broken quickly due to abrasion in the stone box or Gebin sinking. Gebins with different types of stone have different characteristics. The multi-angled stone can be well interlocked with each other, and the gabbin filled with it is not easily deformed, and can effectively adapt to the change of the terrain without damage, and still plays a protective role.

Hexagonal Gabion Box

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