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Should You Use Chain Link Fencing?

05. 10, 2021

Fencing has always been one of the most primitive techniques for protecting a site or part of a landscape. It is used in both rural and urban areas to deter outside threats to the property. The main materials used for this type of fencing are wood, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fencing. Of these materials, vinyl and chain link fencing are the most popular fences because of their characteristics. Unlike wood and aluminum fences, vinyl and Chain Link Fences are relatively cheaper and durable. In the rest of the article, we will discuss the uses of chain link fencing in detail.

What is a chain link fence?

A typical chain link fence is a woven fence consisting of galvanized or LLDPE coated steel wire. The steel wire is configured or arranged in a diamond or U-shaped pattern throughout the fence. Most of these fences are between 3 feet and 12 feet in height, however, any size fence can be made to fit one's needs. The best thing about these fences is that they can be screwed on or off at any time, depending on the needs of the user.

Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

Uses of hook and loop fencing

Chain link fence has a wide range of applications. Some of them are listed below.

They are used to create security barriers around residential or commercial premises.

They are used to create security barriers in fields and parks.

They can be used to create secure enclosed areas for pets.

They are used as barriers in wrestling gauntlet matches.

They can be used as backstops on baseball and softball fields.

They are used on dirt roads to slow down race cars before they hit the barricades.

Advantages and Limitations of Chain Link Fence

The widespread use of chain link fencing should not come as a surprise. Behind the great popularity of this type of fence lies some spectacular features that other fences fail to show. We will cite some of the features that give hook and loop fencing an advantage over other similar products.

Durability: As mentioned earlier, these fences use Galvanized Wire Mesh. These wires, if painted, can withstand years of corrosion. In addition, this typical steel wire is best suited to face harsh weather for many years.

Maintenance: The most promising feature of hook and loop fencing is its ease of repair. If any part of the fence is damaged, then one only needs to replace the damaged part with a new fence without affecting the rest of the fence.

Design Options: Hooked fences are available in a variety of designs and colors in order to give a stylish look to the fenced area.

Visibility: Unlike wood fences, chain link fences are transparent and do not prevent sunlight from coming through the sides of the fence. However, by inserting slats into the net, the chain link fence can be made translucent.

How to buy a good chain link fence

There are many chain link fences in the market. Therefore, the consumer must make a choice based on some standard features that each good chain link fence should have before purchasing the product. Some of these features are listed below.

1. The purchaser must look for the right strength of the fence wire. The strength of such wire is measured with a gauge. The gauge is inversely proportional to the strength of the wire. Buying thicker wires will incur huge costs, while thin wires are not safe enough in terms of safety parameters. Therefore, the buyer must make a wise choice of the thickness of the fence wire.

2. The buyer must make an appropriate choice among the various types of wire used in chain link fencing. These materials range from stainless steel to aluminum. Generally speaking. Stainless steel is stronger than aluminum and is therefore preferred.

3. The wire material must be galvanized because of its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

4. The buyer must choose a fence with the proper grid size. The grid size decision depends on the use of the fence. For example, if the fence must be used in certain sports such as baseball, the grid size should be small enough.


Chain link fencing is the fencing used in most residential, commercial and industrial locations. Apart from providing security solutions, these fences are also widely used in various games and sports activities. Therefore, it becomes paramount to purchase high quality products so that security measures are not compromised. The company also offers Temporary Fencing, so please feel free to contact us if you need any.

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