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Do you know the Lantern Festival?

03. 02, 2018

On the 15th day of the first lunar month, just after the Spring Festival is the traditional festival of China, the Lantern Festival.

In a ritual dating back thousands of years to the Han dynasty, traditional lanterns as depicted in today’s Doodle are released into the night sky bearing messages of prosperity, unity, and love. Lanterns are often red, the color of good fortune. Some might even contain riddles, which may win the fortunate ones a small prize — a favorite pastime of little children over generations. 

In observance of the festival, families feast on tangyuan that are thought to bring happiness and good luck in the new year. The round shape of the tangyuan symbolizes unity and togetherness.

Celebrations around the world include lion and dragon dances, stilt-walking, and fireworks. Modern and traditional worlds combine as electric and neon lanterns float beside their paper or wooden counterparts, creating yet another beautiful memory of a lamp-lit sky for the year ahead. 

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Do you know the Lantern Festival?

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