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Introduce various of wire mesh fence and column fixing method

09. 29, 2018

The wire mesh fence are linked to the fixed columns. Different barbed wire products are not fixed in the same way as the columns. I will introduce several common fixing methods.

1.The double wire fence is fixed by the square tube column and the round tube column link. The link is fixed by anti-theft screws. It is a very common one.

2.The column used by the Dutch net. Column-shaped dovetail column matched to the Dutch net guardrail. Of course, you can also choose the ordinary 48-tube column and square post fence.

3.Triangle-folded fence mesh. That is, the middle of the mesh with a triangular bend, matching the column-type peach-shaped column. Such a column and the mesh link are screw-free, and the mesh is directly fixed by the card slot.

4.Bilateral and triangular bent barbed wire fences can also be linked to the column by clamps. The clamp is divided into: M card, hold card.

5.This is the most special one. The barbed wire used on the railway is fixed with the cement column.

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