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Welded Wire Mesh - Advantages and Applications

09. 23, 2021

The application of cutting and bending reinforcement in factories bodes well for its adaptability due to the increasing demand for speed and quality. Welded wire mesh is helpful in solving this problem.

Welded wire mesh is an excellent reinforcement component for concrete structures. It is an electrofusion welded prefabricated joint mesh consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires welded at exact spacing to cross wires at the required spacing. Electro-welded mesh is a reinforcing material used in concrete. The mesh is used to replace the traditional 'cut and bend' and placement of thermomechanically treated reinforcement. These are made of reinforcement bars, located in two mutually perpendicular directions, connected at the intersection of resistance spot welds. Follow HUAGUANG to learn more.

 Welded Wire Mesh - Advantages and Applications

Advantages of Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is made from high quality low carbon iron wire, which is passed through a fully automatic computer controlled welding machine. It has several advantages.

1,the designer can use thinner reinforcement bars, spaced closer together, achieving effective stress transfer to the concrete and smaller crack widths, resulting in a better surface finish.

2, Increased efficiency and productivity on site and reduced reliance on manpower on site. ,

3, Reduces the chance of improper bending of reinforcement as the bending machine bends the mat as a single unit.

4, Welded wire mesh requires less storage area on site. Cutting and bending is carried out at the factory, eliminating the need for rebar stacking on site.

5, With variable rebar sizes and spacing, accurate rebar sizes are provided where required.

6, Welded wire mesh can be placed in place relatively quickly compared to placing individual bars and tying them together. This results in a shorter slab casting cycle. Due to the increased speed of construction, construction costs are reduced.

7, Welded wire mesh can be produced in rolls rather than long strips, thus minimising waste.

8, The mesh stays where you place it and has good adhesion to the concrete.

Applications for welded wire mesh.

Welded wire mesh can also be used for other applications, such as.

1, Welded wire mesh reinforcement is widely used to reinforce concrete structures. In this case, welded reinforcing mesh is laid inside the poured concrete formwork, which serves to increase the strength of the formed concrete structure.

2, Making frames, manufacturing various fences, using as masonry mesh, etc.

3, Reinforcement of road surfaces or car parks, so welded reinforcing mesh is called road reinforcement mesh.

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