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Development history of double wire fence to palisade fence

08. 31, 2018

The structure of the early mesh fence was very simple. A mesh and a column were called fences. With the progress and development of society, the simple double wire fence can't longer meet people's needs for high quality products. In the continuous evolution and evolution of the fence products, new varieties, palisade fence and top roll fence have emerged, and then wire mesh fences and chain link fence have appeared. Different fences are used for different sites and needs.

In the early days, the bilateral fences were not so called, but simply referred to as wire fences or barbed wire. Then with the emergence of new products. People want to distinguish between various fences. There are double wire fence, palisade fence, top roll fence and so on. These names are also named according to the structural characteristics of different fences. The so-called frame fence.

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