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Palisade Fence Installation Precautions

10. 27, 2018

(1) During the construction of the Palisade Fence, it is necessary to accurately grasp the various facilities and materials, especially the exact location of the various pipelines buried in the roadbed, and do not allow any damage to the underground facilities during the construction process.

(2) When the column is driven too deep, the column should not be pulled out for correction, and the foundation should be re-introduced and then re-introduced, or the position of the column should be adjusted. Pay attention to controlling the hammering force when approaching the depth during construction.

(3) The flange of the bridge should be installed with flanges, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and the control of the elevation of the top surface of the column.

(4) The D Section Palisade Fence is the installation of the safety facilities of the expressway and is an important part of the appearance quality of the expressway. The intrinsic quality of the collision barrier lies in the raw materials and processing process. Its appearance quality depends on the construction process. The construction should pay attention to the combination of construction preparation and pile driver, continuously sum up experience and strengthen construction management. It is the installation of corrugated beam anti-collision guardrail. Quality is guaranteed.

Palisade Fence

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