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3 Items That Must Be Tested For High Carbon Steel Galvanized Wire Inspection

12. 28, 2018

First, the fence material testing

1, the size of the inner wire. This is a problem that is easy to ignore, but it definitely has an impact on the price and quality of the High Carbon Steel Galvanized Wire. It is also a must for manufacturers to reduce costs.

2, coating thickness. This item generally does not cause problems, mainly related to equipment and settings, but occasionally the coating becomes thicker or thinner or uneven.

3. Other material sizes. Other materials involved are the size and thickness of the ears, the thickness and size of the accessories, and the like.

Second, the Temporary Fence China surface detection

1, coating color. Observe that the color of the coating is not correct, whether it is doped with other colors, the color is not bright, and there is no hair.

2. Coating process. Look at the coating is not what you want, the coating process is electroplated zinc, hot-dip galvanizing, spray, dip, spray paint and so on.

3. Whether there are any defects on the surface. Observe the phenomenon of broken wire, broken hole, and exposed bottom of the surface.

Third, the fence network specification test

1, the diameter of the wire diameter. Wire diameter is a crucial factor affecting the quality of the fence. The price is different, so this item must be tested and the inspection tool uses a micrometer.

2, the size of the mesh. Mesh is also a factor affecting the quality of the fence, and it also affects the use of the product. This item can only be done with a ruler measurement.

3. External dimensions. Everyone knows that only a steel tape can be used.

4. Other projects. There are also fences, columns, struts, etc. of the fence mesh, which, regardless of the requirements in the drawings, have an impact on the quality of the fence.

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