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Brief Introduction of Double Wire Fence

01. 10, 2018

Double Wire Fence is simple in structure, less in material consumption, low in processing cost, convenient for long distance transportation. Therefore, the cost of the project is low. The bottom of the net and brick and concrete wall are integrated into one, which effectively overcomes the weakness of the network’s rigidity and enhances the protection performance. It is generally accepted by large mount of customers.

Double wire fence adopts high quality wire rod as raw material, and has three layers of protective welded mesh through galvanizing, priming and high adhesion powder. It has characteristics of long corrosion resistance and ultraviolet resistance. All the screws are automatically burglarproof. The accessories used can also be designed according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Galvanized Double Wire Fence is widely used in the protection and isolation of roads, railways, bridges, sites, airports, prisons and other places.

Double Wire Fence

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